Party Photos

Our first 80s Night Party,at Rock bar!
Saturday, Sept 6th, 2014 

Special thank yous to all my friends that came and supported my debut, including, Mike, Phillip, Erich, Melanie, LV, Jared, Scott, Lee, Rick, Dominque, Rowan, Dijoun, Sharon, Jeremy, Billy, Kyle, Antonio, Frank, Michael, recording artist " Sir Ari Gold,'' Tohmas, Wilbur and so many more, forgive me if I forget..
Rick, DJ JENE, Dominique and Friend
Kyle, Michael, Me, Frank and Phillip
Lee and DJ JENE
DJ JENE with Melanie, Jared, and LV
Antonio and DJ JENE
Antonio, DJ JENE and Erich
Jared and DJ JENE
Delvin and DJ JENE

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